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Leverage our expertise to elevate your podcast production

We offer local podcast and audio production services locally to the Kansas City metropolitan area, as well as remote podcast management for national and international clients. Whether you are starting from scratch and need help getting off the ground or have an established show that needs some extra sizzle – Fowlerhouse can help get you where you want to go.  

We'll come to you!

You don’t have to leave the office (or home) to achieve a high-quality podcast production. Our setup is mobile-ready, for up to four in-person participants and unlimited remote guests.




Remote and Hybrid Recordings

Since the pandemic and the transition to remote/hybrid work, podcast recordings have become much more accessible. We have the capability to produce your podcast fully remote or as a hybrid between a core studio group and satellite guests.


Take your podcast to the next level by adding multi-cam video recording. Expand your podcast’s reach to all platforms by adding high-quality video to the mix.

Hosting and Syndication

Not sure how to get your podcast on all the platforms (or just don’t want to deal with it)? We’ll get your podcast hosted and syndicated to all the platforms where you want to see your content streamed.

Additional Services

Much like our video services, our audio productions are flexible to meet the needs of your production. If it’s an audio production, we can likely do it. All you need to do is message us to start a conversation.


We can help you source your next guest, provide content strategy, and keep the show running smoothly.


Need a pro on the mic to keep the show on the rails? We’ve got access to a network of voice talent and the expertise to help.


We’ll get your podcast running on whichever platform you are wanting it streamed. 

Asset Creation

Intros, ad inserts, thumbnails, transcripts, bios, etc. We can handle all the asset creation steps needed for a professional podcast.


Don’t have a good space to record?  We can provide a quiet, comfortable location to launch your podcast empire.  

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