Video Strategy

At Fowlerhouse Films, we live by the mantra “begin with the end in mind.” With video content, that means thinking beyond the scope of a single video to meet a single need. Instead, when we support the strategic side of an organization’s content development efforts, we work to maximize effectiveness and efficiency through a holistic content game plan that provides maximum value using scalable processes.

Content Strategy

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Content Management

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Style Guides

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Content Strategy

We get it… production time is expensive. The “one to many” approach is all about getting the most out of your production time by finding ways to repurpose, segment, localize, and get the most content out of a single day of production. That way your budget is allocated more towards editing time, which is much less expensive.

Our Approach

Road Mapping

Videos take time and budget to develop; it’s always good to begin with the end in mind. At Fowlerhouse, we can help you determine the best video roadmap to cover your services, campaigns, or content niche – prioritizing the highest value targets before optimizing.

Our Approach

One to Many

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The philosophy is simple – start with a large project, then break it down into smaller, bite-sized pieces to be reused across your campaigns and augment or localize the content for your social media calendar and ad campaigns. With this strategy, you get the most out of your media budget by getting the most stretch out of your production hours.



Maximize Reach

Content Management

As your content output grows, so does the need for dedicated content management support. We offer an option for dedicated support as a stopgap for content management services that provide the expertise and hours to help fill a need that costs less than a W-2 employee.

Social Media Management

Whether you need someone else to manage your YouTube uploads or take over the entire posting process related to your content production, we can provide you with a dedicated social media manager to support your channels.

Content Hosting

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of hosting the massive amounts of data connected to video files? Want someone else to manage your podcast syndication? We are here to help.

Project Management

Managing large-scale content projects is no easy task. Free up your time for other important tasks and let us handle the management of your content projects.

Style Guides

Creating consistent visuals that resonate through all your video content is an important aspect of building a video brand. It also creates a more efficient production process by not having to reinvent the wheel with each new video project. We’ll help you build the tool kit to get started with a look and feel that matches your existing brand while adapting to video-specific needs.

Visual Standards

Visual tone, text, color palette – these are some of the things we will help you define in your video brand guidelines.  

Video Playbook

This is your guide to all things video within your organization – What they are, how they should look, when they should be used. We’ll help you define these parameters to refine your video strategy. 

Template Development

Not every project needs the heavy hitting creative team at Fowlerhouse. We can design video templates for you to elevate your internal content creators and social media specialists to be successful and sustainable.


With more than 10 years in the business, we have a lot of know-how when it comes to media production. We’re happy to share that knowledge with brands to elevate their own staff and resources. 


If you are looking to boost your own video or audio expertise (or that of an employee) we can provide expert-level coaching. We also provide coaching for on-camera presenters.

Studio Development

We’ve helped corporate brands and individual content creators build the spaces they need for ongoing content productions.

Staffing and Staff Augmentation

If you need dedicated staff for ongoing video editing support or video capture, we can help you place the right candidate as a W-2 employee, 1099 contractor, or handle the whole process with a dedicated Fowlerhouse team member.

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